Summary for exhibitors

Here you can find information about becoming an exhibitor at The Nordic Gardens (Nordiska Trädgårdar). You can also contact the team directly and ask any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Online event March 25-28, 2021

    The Garden Morning Show (Trädgårdsmorgon): A one hour program each morning, March 25-28, on our Facebook page (in Swedish).

    Watch about a hundred lectures online, focusing on knowledge and inspiration. Tickets are SEK 160. The lectures are available March 25 - April 4 (in Swedish).
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    Meet our exhibitors online: See all our exhibitors, their offers and meet them through Zoom.
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  • About The Nordic Gardens

    Online event 2021: March 25-28, 2021
    Next fair at Stockholmsmässan: March 31-April 3, 2022

    The Nordic Gardens is the meeting place for green fingers and garden art, creative ideas and practical tips, technology and botany. All the inspiration you need for your garden space, gathered in one place. Welcome to The Nordic Gardens, it's more than just a plant sale!

    The Nordic Gardens have about 58,000 visitors each year.

    It's a total gardening weekend at Stockholmsmässan, Sweden. Seminars, open lectures and inspirational displays. Lots of inspiring exhibitions of new ideas, tips and suggestions. Seeds, plants, tools, free advice, knowledge, open talks, seminars, gardening personalities, machinery, greenhouses, ground coverings, ponds, pools, barbecues, books, magazines, stone & concrete, balconies and plenty of exciting new products.

    All this makes The Nordic Gardens fair the obvious meeting place for all gardening enthusiasts, and as exciting and interesting to the balcony grower and garden and allotment owner as to the industry professionals.